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Five Vermont Barns You Can Customize for a Personal New England Wedding

If a "barn" hosts 3 weddings a weekend 25 times a year, is it really a barn?

These are the kinds of questions that might keep some people up at night. But not us, because the answer is obviously no. A real barn wedding is not mass-produced, it should be a casual and customized experience that can reflect you and your partner. And maybe the "venue" should care about farming or nature? At Mayflower Venues, we think the answer is yes. So when we say "barn wedding" we are talking about the kind of nontraditional barn venue where you and your guests have the weekend to yourself, can personalize the space ahead of time and appreciate the nature, history and mission of the land.

If you wanted to be rushed in and out and have to choose from the venues required catering options, you would have gotten married at a hotel or country club. What about those of us who want the place to ourselves (no other brides showing up to do a final walkthrough of the venue on your own wedding day)? And what if you want the ability to create something really personalized at that barn -- like maybe do some personal decorations and bring our own vendors? You know actually make it a personalized wedding. We feel you. Our unique barn venues love their land, only host a handful of weddings per year and give you the entire weekend to customize the space to tell your story. Boom - pitchfork dropped. (That's a thing at real barns.)

If you want a real barn venue, a space that can be personalized to reflect your story and a full weekend to yourself with no other brides, check out our favorite Vermont barn wedding venues below!

  1. Horizon Barn (Randolph, VT)


Be one of the first to enjoy this brand new, handcrafted, post and beam barn set at the edge of the woods and overlooking grazing pastures, a farm pond and gorgeous Green Mountain views. Enjoy a ceremony or cocktail hour around the pond with landscaped waterfall and picturesque backdrop. Want to capture the essence of the farm? Ask the host to keep the cattle, sheep and chickens nearby for the event, or inquire about the farm's certified organic meats, and organically grown vegetables and herbs that can be purchased for integration into your custom farm to table menu.

  1. Green Mountain Barn (Wilmington, VT)


This 1820s dairy farm boasts unobstructed views of the Green Mountains and Haystack Mountain, sits just 8 miles away from Mount Snow, and features a fully renovated 1925 holstein dairy barn perfect for indoor events. Set your ceremony against unparalleled mountain views and transition to a free flowing cocktail hour where guests can wander around the grounds taking pictures in front of an antique ski chair-lift. Transition to the fully renovated barn complete with vaulted ceilings, rustic-chic chandeliers, and a commercially equipped kitchen, coming spring 2019, sure to exceed every caterer's expectations.

Looking for a whole wedding weekend? Rent the newly renovated barn-style guest house for up to 8 guests, host an on-site rehearsal dinner under the event pavilion, and check out the town of Wilmington just 1 mile away for local shops and tasty treats.

  1. Equinox Summer Farm (Machester Center, VT)


Enchanting stonewalls, breathtaking views and a pristinely renovated intimate barn are just a few of the features positioning Equinox Summit Farm in a class of it's own. Just 5 minutes outside of Vermont's Manchester Village, a quintessential Vermont city-center with all the charm and modern amenities, you'll find this hidden gem sitting inside 53 acres of enchanting forests.
Nestled between the Green Mountains and the Taconic Range, this once country estate has been restored to its original splendor, surrounded by open meadows, old apple orchards and forest trails.

  1. The Derby Barn Estate (Cambridge, VT)


At Vermont's northern edge and just 2 hours southeast of Montreal, Canada, rests a spacious, two-story "rustic-meets-contemporary" barn, surrounded by elegant landscape and lush green lawns.

Enjoy an outdoor ceremony on the landscaped lawn followed by a romantic pool-side cocktail hour. Next, transition to the barn's upper level for a simple yet intimate reception space with great natural lighting. Once inside, guests will enjoy an open view through the double-doors, featuring charming views of the local area. Keep things simple by leveraging the barn's lower level for vendor staging and catering prep in either of the open bays or multi-purpose rooms.

  1. Canopy Barn (Rochester, VT)


Excited about selecting a venue with a mission? This venue's parent farm boasts and sustains some of the finest drinking water in North America at it's Artesian springs due to it's regenerative and sustainable farming practices. Home to research and education on regenerative practices, you can feel good about not only selecting an organic farm but supporting efforts to furthering sustainable practices. And yes, you and your guests can enjoy the fresh spring water too - leave the bottles at home and please do treat your guests to the finer things in life!

A stunning open air barn, breathtaking views, large guest house, and a farm focused on completely regenerative and sustainable practices are just a few of the highlights that set this venue apart.

Looking for a real barn venue outside of Vermont? Checkout other Mayflower nontraditional barn wedding venues here.

Wesley Ripley

Wesley Ripley

Wesley Ripley runs the engineering team at Mayflower Venues where he develops the tools to give our couples the ability to remotely plan and customize their weddings at our nontraditional venues.

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