Jess & Max



Your presence is truly the greatest gift.

After thirteen years together and counting, six apartments, three states to call home, and one damaged cat, we have been incredibly fortunate to find ourselves surrounded by the most exceptional people. We are grateful for each and every one of you, and this wedding is just as much a celebration of this beautiful web of kind souls. Thank you for enriching our lives in ways both big and small.

We find ourselves at a point in our lives where a traditional wedding registry is not the best fit for us.

While gifts of any sort are not expected, if you find that you would like to contribute something, we would be very grateful for some financial help toward some furniture for our home (who knew a whole storage unit's worth would barely furnish a few rooms?) as well as a real vacation for our honeymoon. We have been rather resistant to vacations in the past with few to list (and mostly camping), but as we get older, we're realizing the great value in that uninterrupted time together, a true break from hard work, and the incredible places we have yet to see and explore.

In no particular order, here are the home items that we are looking to purchase:

  • A guest bed! We'd love to be able to offer a place to stay for friends and family.
  • Bookshelves for our ever-growing book collections.
  • Professional picture framing for several original art pieces and meaningful prints.
  • Outdoor furniture and table for our deck: the best place to spend time with people during the warmer months!

For our honeymoon, we'd like to spend some time in Europe across several locations when it's once again safe to do so. Any amount designated for this trip together is greatly appreciated and will be set aside for this specific purpose.

Not to come crashing back down to reality, but homeownership also came with no surprise that things break and require attention faster than you can fix them, so gift cards to Lowe's or Home Depot in any amount are always appreciated. Less dreamy, but very practical.

xo - J+M