Porstmouth, Rhode Island

Newport Hilltop Farm and Orchard

Home to acres of flowers, a small orchard, several horses and some very happy goats. This farm is one of the few farms surrounding Newport Rhode Island. The owners have maintained this farm for over six generation with many of the newest generation still growing up on the land and working the farm. The farm has a four acre field which has flowers and small orchard. The stonewalls are not the only remnants of this farms ancient roots. Allegedly, Rhode Islanders have been stumbling across British cannon balls in the back wetlands. According to local lore this farm was a critical point of battle during the revolution.
The hillside hay fields are cut with a path of winding mazes where guests can wander for a cocktail hour to see the farm and eventually make their way to top of a small hill. The land slopes gradually upward to a small hilltop with a glimpse of Narragansett Bay in the distance. At the bottom of this hill there is an ancient oak tree that canopies a beautiful area for a wedding ceremony. To begin and end the ceremony, there are two lines of old apple and pear trees that form a flower and fruit filled canopy for the wedded couple to walk through to enter the field.

Working Farm



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  • Parking - Up to 8 cars (Shuttles available to rent)
  • Water

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  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Tent
  • Flushable Restroom Trailers
  • Power Generator

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Style: Working Farm, Field, Gardens, Orchard

Region: South Shore, MA

Type: Outdoor Only

Outdoor capacity: 180

Event Start Time: 11am

Event End Time: 11pm

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    Newport Hilltop Farm and Orchard

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