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Mayflower Venues: A High Impact, Consumer Facing, Tech Startup

We build technology that allows couples to create truly personalized weddings at the most unique spaces (farms, summer camps, estates etc.) across the Northeast.

Our proprietary Mayflower Venues onboarding app collects a unique set of spatial data at each property to generate a venue specific planning tool that simplifies all the major logistics (parking, bathrooms, tents, lighting etc.) needed to host an event. This planning tool is then customized to fit the personal wedding vision (size, style, timeline, budget etc.) of each booked couple. By solving the fundamental event logistics online, we free couples to focus on the creative and artistic expression of the event.

Our venues and planning tools offer couples the creativity of a full DIY wedding without the overwhelming logistics. We call it a DIT, or Do-It-Together, wedding.

Our DIT weddings are disrupting the $72B+ wedding industry with technology that puts couples' needs first.

Join the Team

Venue Partnerships Representative

Boston, MA

The Venue Partnerships Representative is charged with driving sales of new venues to join the Mayflower Venues platform in a specific region. You will be part of a team of representatives each targeting independent regions to develop new venue partnerships. You will be required to intimately understand the functionality and uses of the Mayflower Venues technology and how it enables venues to increase profits and save time booking and managing weddings. You will be responsible to understanding the needs of each business and ensuring our product is the right solution to help them achieve their goals.

The scope of the role encompasses all elements of sales strategy from lead identification, to sales outreach, and account management until a venue is closed and fully onboarded to the Mayflower platform. The Venue Partnerships Representative will be able to work within the existing sales processes we have found successful while also being capable to test new strategies and approaches they may identify as more suited for their territory -- run effective A/B tests on new sales approaches from lead identification to email outreach to call scripts. You will report to the Director of Venue Sales and Onboarding.

Core Functions

  • Lead Identification -- Identifying new venues that fit the Mayflower Venues model. Develop outreach methods, marketing materials etc. to bring leads into your sales funnel - whether that is inbound or outbound.
  • Sign New Venue Partners -- This is not enterprise sales, our venue partners are SMBs that are able to join the platform and move through the sales process efficiently. However, it also not B2C sales where a sale is closed in a single interaction. The product is technical and often requires a series of interactions and relationships to get a venue to sign - this can be done via phone, email, video calls and/or venue visits.
  • Process Creation -- Efficiently identify best practices in your sales approach, document those practices, test them against alternative methods you create and ultimately document them for others to leverage
  • Product Feedback -- Tie your frontline learnings of venue owners’ pain points and goals into feedback on our product and recommendations. Collate and share your learnings with our venue account management and engineering teams to improve our product for our venue partners going forward.

Required Experience

  • Some sales experience

Preferred Experience

  • Startup Sales Experience; B2B and B2C Sales; CRM Familiarity (Hubspot, Salesforce etc.); Business Development; Outbound Sales; Account Management

Key Skills

  • Process Oriented; Goal Motivated; Analytical; Persistence; Creativity; Effective Communicator

Digital Marketing Lead

Boston, MA

The Mayflower Venues Digital Marketing Lead manages identifying and acquiring inbound traffic from within our target audience to increase sales. You will be charged with understanding our target customer and developing a digital marketing and outreach program to help bring future customers to our site. You will develop intelligent and efficient outbound marketing campaigns across search, social, email and various brand partnership opportunities. In addition to developing the targeting strategies, setting budgets and optimizing conversion rates across these channels, the Digital Marketing Lead should also be able to create their own as collateral and ad copy. You will work directly with our Customer Activation Lead to ensure your acquisition efforts are effectively bringing the right users to right content and stage of the buying funnel, so they are most likely to convert. You will report to the CEO of the company.

Key Functions

  • Customer Acquisition -- Drive topline (total traffic to site) user growth within our target audience of customer by efficiently increasing awareness and acquisition of target users to site.
  • Conversion Optimization -- Expertise optimizing ad campaigns towards increased conversion rate improvements over time.
  • Remarketing and Retargeting -- Bring qualified users back to site via ad campaigns such as remarketing, email, text etc.
  • Data and Analytics -- Implement a system to leverage data of onsite users to inform conversion funnel analysis by channel, cohorts etc.
  • Execute Test Experiments -- From ad copy to landing pages, deep comfort and familiarity executing A/B testing.
  • Create Marketing Materials -- Produce materials and campaigns to help educate prospective couples on the Mayflower experience. You will be empowered to run your own marketing attack and armed with a budget to do so. Channels featured may include but are not limited to social media campaigns, SEM, SEO, email marketing and offline.

Required Experience

  • 2+ years digital marketing

Preferred Experience

  • Startup Marketing; Hubspot, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, Email marketing, Statistical Analysis

Key Skills

  • Analytical; Persistent; Creative; Effective Communicator, Customer Research

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Boston, MA

At Mayflower Venues, we believe that everyone deserves a wedding that truly tells their story. We are convinced that we can make that dream a reality at scale through technology and automation, while at the same time preserving open, natural spaces by providing secondary income to our venue hosts. Our goal is nothing short of a wedding venue revolution.

We are looking for a senior full-stack engineer who will work directly with our Head of Technology to help scale our web platform. Are you excited by the idea of using your experience building web applications to make a long-lasting impact on couples' lives? Do you believe in iterating rapidly, considering constant customer feedback, and working together across the entire company to build the best possible product? Do you feel comfortable wearing several hats; writing code, patching immediate bugs, reviewing PRs, and expanding AWS-based infrastructure, all while becoming a product expert and owning are part of the company's future roadmap? If you said "yes" to most of those questions, this is likely the role for you.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Building new applications from scratch, taking a customer need through design to prototype and iterating on it until customers love it.
  • Automating business processes so that we can do more faster and with less people.
  • Reviewing PRs from other team members to make sure new features are built in a flexible and maintainable way.
  • Upgrading our web platform to handle more traffic with increased performance
  • Integrating new technologies to scale our business to the next level.

You’ll be phenomenal in this role if you:

  • Have at least 3 years professional experience with at-scale full-stack software development, including databases (any SQL dialect), React, NodeJS and SASS. Experience with GraphQL and AWS is also a plus.
  • Are excited to be responsible for making sure our technology can keep up with rapid growth.
  • Feel comfortable owning a piece of our roadmap, working directly with product, prioritizing projects, and then getting them implemented.
  • Enjoy working autonomously and gaining detailed knowledge of the business and product goals.

Our Stack:

  • React, GraphQL, SASS
  • NodeJS, MySQL, Redis
  • AWS (many fully managed services and Lambda functions)

Beyond Boston Roles

Want to join Mayflower as we grow? We are looking for territory owners to build our venue networks in the following regions:

San Francisco
Washington D.C.
Los Angeles

You will grow our network of premier nontraditional and outdoor venues in your region to become the next generation of truly unique and bespoke venues. Working directly with our Director of Venue Sales and Onboarding as well as our Head of Platform Operations, our HQ in Boston, Massachusetts will provide the sales collateral, marketing material and venue onboarding technology for you to quickly get your region up and running.

Call or Text: 1–833–683–6837