How Mayflower Venues Works

Discover nontraditional venues that you can book online, plan online, and customize with your own preferred vendors.


Unique venues that host a single wedding per weekend and only a handful a year.

Estates, barns, orchards, gardens, and more...


See upfront pricing, availability, and included amenities.

Schedule tours and book your wedding online.


Each venue includes specific online tools to plan and even coordinate your own preferred vendors (or easily borrow from our professionally curated vendor list).?


Each wedding helps maintain these unique properties for generations to come.


What does "Book Online” mean?

"Book Online” places a date hold and price gaurantee on the selected venue. Once you have your date selected, you can then schedule a tour and place your deposit to claim the venue.

How much do I pay?

Mayflower venues have flat pricing shown on the venue listing. The price includes access the day before, the day of, and the day after until 12pm for set up and clean up and one event. At checkout, you'll see any taxes and a service fee which covers full use of our online wedding planning tools for your chosen venue and free wedding website builder.

What is the $99 refundable deposit to tour?

When you book a tour and select your preferred wedding date, the venue owner themselves is reserving your wedding date from other couples and planning their schedule around giving you a tour. To ensure couples do not skip tours that owners plan on, we hold a $99 deposit to claim your tour and wedding date.

Once you tour your venue during your requested time, you will have 72 hours to either confirm your booking and reserved wedding date, or cancel your booking and receive your $99 deposit back.

How long do I get exclusive access to the venue?

Unless otherwise stated, all Mayflower venue rentals last for 72 hours during which no other weddings will occur. Generally the rental period begins the day before and continues through the morning following your event. This extended time window where the venue will only host your wedding allows for custom vendors and unique setups, as well as breakdown.

What is a Remote Planning Toolkit?

With over 45% of couples choosing destination weddings within the United States, we realize that many Mayflower couples will be planning remotely. To help couples in this process, we created the Remote Planning Toolkit! Each kit includes:

  • Venue site map - includes property dimensions for ceremony and reception sites.
  • Location of water and electric.
  • Venue specific recommended vendor lists.
  • Automatic online payment processing.
  • Online booking and tour scheduling
  • Online chat and phone support 7 days a week.

Getting married is a busy time, so when you’re looking for answers, look no further than your own venue’s Remote Planning Toolkit!

What venue specific vendor recommendations can we expect?

Mayflower specializes in nontraditional venues. In doing so, we know there is a certain bit of knowledge and expertise required to pull together an event. For this reason, we focus on providing recommendations that enable these events from a venue logistics perspective. These include vendor recommendations such as restrooms, power, parking and lighting! Basically - all the stuff couples may have never done. Once the venue specific logistics vendors are reserved, we know that the creative aspect of your wedding is important to you too. Many couples feel most excited to to take on this very personal part of the planning -- the food, flowers, music etc. -- as it sets the tone for the wedding. For others, we are happy to recommend designers, planners or event coordinators to help provide custom recommendations and more creative assistance.

If you want to find your own vendors, Mayflower Venues collects the logistical information most vendors need to know about each property. You can easily share your "My Wedding Profile" with any vendor you are considering to get a quick and efficient quote.

What if I have questions about my booked venue?

Using your "My Wedding" profile, you can contact chat, text, email or call a Mayflower coordinator with questions about your booked venue.

What if I have questions about a venue but I have not booked it yet?

If you have not yet booked a venue, you can message our team of coordinators and we will get back to you within 30 minutes M-F from 9-6pm to answer questions about the property.

Do I work with the venue owner directly to plan my wedding?

Generally, no. You will most often coordinate your event through a Mayflower coordinator. Some owners may help but for the most part it is important to note that Mayflower Venues are not commercial wedding venues. Many of the owners have full-time jobs, whether it’s farming, maintaining a nature preserve or working at the local library.

How can I pay for my venue?

You can pay either by credit card or bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer, there is a small discount available.

When do I have to pay?

You’ll place an initial deposit at time of booking (~20%) and then we’ll spread your payments out across your planning timeline. Simply enter your preferred method of payment inside your venue profile and then we’ll deduct an installment every 60 days with your final payment processing 90 days before your wedding! No more checks or envelopes of cash!

What happens if I cancel my booking? Do I get my money back?

If you cancel your wedding, you will not have to pay any future charges. You will only owe the amount you have already paid to Mayflower for the venue.

Why? Mayflower needs to disperse the previous payments to the venue because the venue has lost revenue by holding their reserved date for your wedding and not booking another wedding that would have paid them the full amount.

What if the venue has to cancel?

We and our venues do everything in our power to prevent that from happening. In the unlikely event of natural disaster or unfortunate event, such as a fire that may ruin the property, couples are reimbursed entirely for any expenses they have paid. Couples will also be given top priority for any of our other available venues in that area, and lots of support from Mayflower until a solution is found.

In the very rare instance a venue cancels, couples are reimbursed entirely for any expenses they have paid AND given additional funds of up to 75% of the venue cost in order to help them book a new venue.

Should I visit the venue before booking?

It is up to you! We try to provide detailed enough photos and descriptions that you can feel confident booking a venue from your couch. Once you book, you are able to schedule a tour immediately after.

If you want to check out the venue and meet the owners in person, you can ‘Schedule a Tour’ right from the venue page. We will ask you for 3 possible dates and then respond to you within two days with your confirmed tour time

We ask for a $99 refundable deposit before any venue tour in order to hold your wedding date and lock in the venue price. After your tour, if you want to book the property, this amount will count as your initial deposit. And if you decide the venue is not for you, we'll refund the deposit and release the date hold.

Your deposit will only become non-refundable should you not show for your tour without prior cancellation. This protects our venues and compensates them for any lost time.

Do I pay the venue directly?

Mayflower takes major precautions to ensure that no venue is able to “steal” your money if they fail to deliver the venue as promised. Unlike most venues which take your money directly months or even years before your wedding, Mayflower does not release your payment funds to the venue until after you wedding day. That way, if something goes wrong, we can give your money back to you and you won’t have to negotiate with the venue or involve lawyers. It’s your wedding after all, it should be about making sure everything works for you.

What happens if the venue does not provide the space in a similar state to when I booked it?

Mayflower venue hosts sign contracts agreeing to maintain their property in as similar a fashion as possible to when you booked it online. If major changes cause you to no longer want the venue, you will be entitled to a full refund of all payments to that point. Any changes that significantly alter the property’s appearance or function, are reported to Mayflower and then shared with you.

What is the capacity of the venue?

The capacity listed for a venue shows the maximum capacity that the space can accommodate for a seated wedding. You can host smaller events.

Can we really select our own vendors?


Unlike most commercial venues, Mayflower does not require you to use our required vendors. We want you to be able to create a really one-of-a-kind wedding experience for you and your guests, therefore we allow you to choose the vendors you want as long as they are licensed and insured.

What if the venue doesn’t have toilets?

Most couples choose to rent mobile bathroom trailers (flushable toilets, running water, granite counters etc.). Of course, you can rent any type of mobile bathrooms you would like.

What happens if we have inclement weather on our wedding day?

If you have concerns about how inclement weather may impact the way you want to celebrate your wedding at a particular venue, you should take the proper precautions, such as developing a rain plan. In event of extreme weather qualifying as a natural disaster that prevents a venue from opening, a couple is subject to the refund policy in the Mayflower Terms of Service contract.