How long do I get exclusive access to the venue?

All Mayflower venue rentals last for 48 hours. You get access to the venue at noon before the day of your event and have it until noon the day after your event. We believe you can’t create a truly personalized wedding that tells your story in the six hours before you say “I do.” You need time to bring in each of your vendors and familiarize them with the space, to work to get the flowers just right, or to setup the corn hole boards in the field. All these little things add up and we don’t want you to compromise making the venue truly yours because of time.

What does “Book this Venue” mean?

On Mayflower, when you click “Book this Venue” you are buying that venue for the day you have selected. The venue owner will review, confirm your booking, or let you know if they can no longer accommodate your request within 48 hours. Once you have submitted the Book Venue request, no other couples can book that venue for your selected date.

The price you see is the price you pay. There is no haggling over price, time or capacity or submitting a generic lead form and waiting to hear back. If you want the venue, and the date is open, it’s yours to book.

What if I have questions about my booked venue?

If the venue you booked uses Mayflower Couple Management… you can contact chat, text, email or call a Mayflower coordinator 7 days a week with questions about your booked venue.

If the venue has elected to manage the wedding coordination themselves… The venue owner and their personnel will support your wedding coordinating and planning process themselves. Each venue may have unique policies, but in general you reach them by phone or email during the normal business hours.

What if I have questions about a venue but I have not booked it yet?

If you have not yet booked a venue, you can message our team of coordinators and we will get back to you within 30 minutes M-F from 9-6pm to answer questions about the property.

Do I work with the venue owner directly to plan my wedding?

It is important to note that Mayflower venue owners are not wedding planners, they are owners of amazing open-space properties. Many of them have full-time jobs, whether it’s farming, maintaining a nature preserve or working at the local library. While they cannot provide full wedding planning support, we do ensure that every question you have about your venue will be answered in a timely manner.

If the venue you booked uses Mayflower Couple Management… Because Mayflower venues are not professional wedding venues and many of our owners have full-time jobs, most Mayflower Venues select to have Mayflower support you in your planning. You can coordinate with your venue’s Mayflower Wedding Coordinator to get answers to any logistical questions about the property that you need to know for planning your wedding exactly the way you want it.

If the venue has elected to manage the wedding coordination themselves… Certain venue owners like the idea of working directly with you to answer any questions about their property throughout your planning process. In this case, you would work with the venue owner, or their designated representative, directly.

How much do I pay?

The price you see on the venue profile is the price you pay. A 10% deposit is held on your credit card until the owner confirms.

We have heard from so many couples that they hate the tricks and haggling that go on in the wedding industry. It the most important day of your life; you should not have to worry about getting ripped off or having to negotiate. At Mayflower there are no hidden fees or price-switching (low upfront prices but then high priced required vendors). You pay a flat fee for the venue, and it is yours.

How can I pay?

Mayflower venues can be paid for with any major credit card. It’s never too soon to start earning some more points to spend on that honeymoon!

When do I have to pay?

To claim your venue and guarantee your desired wedding date, a 10% non-refundable but transferable deposit is required at booking. After submitting the deposit, we give you a one month grace period before any additional payments are due.

After that, we space out your venue payments into four installments to ease the financial burden up front:

Twelve (12) Months from Wedding Date: 20%
Nine (9) Months from Wedding Date: 20%
Six (6) Months from Wedding Date: 25%
Three (3) Months from Wedding Date: 25%

If you book your venue less than 12 months out from the wedding date, any installments for which the due date has passed will be due after the one month graceperiod. For example, if you book a wedding 10 months in advance of your selected date:

At the time of booking: 10%
Nine (9) Months from Wedding Date: 40%
Six (6) Months from Wedding Date: 25%
Three (3) Months from Wedding Date: 25%

What happens if I cancel my booking? Do I get my money back?

If you cancel your wedding, you will not have to pay any future charges. You will only owe the amount you have already paid to Mayflower for the venue. Mayflower needs to disperse the previous payments to the venue because the venue has lost revenue by holding their reserved date for your wedding and not booking another wedding that would have paid them the full amount.

What if the venue has to cancel?

We do everything in our power to prevent that from happening. If the cancellation is the venue’s fault, couples are reimbursed entirely for any expenses they have paid and given additional funds of up to 75% of the venue cost to help them rebook a new venue. In the event of disaster or unfortunate event, such as a fire that may ruin the property, couples are reimbursed entirely for any expenses they have paid and will be able to claim additional funds through their wedding insurance policy. Couples will also be given top priority for any of our other available venues in that area, and lots of support from Mayflower until a solution is found.

How is the price determined?

The total price of a venue booking is based on a few factors. The host determines their daily rate, which is usually less than leading traditional wedding venues in their area. A small service cost is added in order to run the platform, support our venue hosts and to be able to offer our couples and venues support seven days a week throughout your planning process.

Should I visit the venue before booking?

Up to you! We try to provide detailed enough photos and descriptions that you can lock things up from your couch. If you want to check out the venue and meet the owners in person, you can ‘Schedule a Tour’ after putting down your deposit. The owners will get back to you within a few days about dates and times which they are available to show you around.

Do I pay the venue directly?

Mayflower takes major precautions to ensure that no venue is able to “steal” your money if they fail to deliver the venue as promised. Unlike most venues which take your money directly months or even years before your wedding, Mayflower does not release your payment funds to the venue until after you wedding day. That way, if something goes wrong, we can give your money back to you and you won’t have to negotiate with the venue or involve lawyers. It’s your wedding after all, it should about making sure everything works for you!

What happens if the venue does not provide the space in a similar state to when I booked it?

Mayflower venue hosts sign contracts agreeing to maintain their property in as similar a fashion as possible to when you booked it online. Any changes that significantly alter the property’s appearance or function, are reported to Mayflower and then shared with you. If major changes cause you to no longer want the venue, you will be entitled to a full refund of all payments to that point.

How is capacity set?

The capacity listed for a venue shows the maximum capacity that the space can accommodate for a seated wedding.

Can we really select our own vendors?

Mayflower venues are for couples who believe their wedding day is the most important chance they have to create an experience for their family and friends, that truly reflects the couple. For this reason, you get to choose all your own vendors. As long as the vendors are compliant with the venue’s land use requirements and the local regulations and permits.

How do we find local vendors for my wedding, such as caterers or florists?

Because, at our core we believe every couple is truly unique, we do not require you to use specific vendors. For this reason, we collect information the vendors you select need to know about the properties, but we do not select or coordinate vendors for you. That said, we are working to collect information on locally available vendors for each property for couples to consider.

What if the venue doesn’t have toilets?

If the venue does not have toilets listed as an amenity on its profile (indicated by a check mark next to ‘Toilets’ in the amenities section) then the couple is required to rent mobile toilets for the event. For any event with over 100 guests, a minimum of two mobile toilets is required.

What happens if we have inclement weather on our wedding day?

If you have concerns about how inclement weather may impact the way you want to celebrate your wedding at a particular venue, you should take the proper precautions or consider finding a different venue. In event of extreme weather that prevents a venue from opening, a couple is subject to the refund policy in the Mayflower Terms of Service contract.