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Five Best Barn Wedding Venues in New England

There’s something truly magical about a barn wedding, isn’t there?

Close your eyes and picture it: A ceremony under high ceilings and wood beams, with strings of light floating overhead and history underfoot. It’s no wonder that wedding venues called “faux barns” have begun to pop up all over the country. The idea is to recreate the incredible ambiance of a barn for a couple’s special day.

Or, you could be like us and seek the real thing.

Luckily, New England has some of the most beautiful barns in the country, from Vermont to Massachusetts. Each has its own unique story and details that make the perfect backdrop for a beautiful (and authentic!) wedding.

Sound good to you too? Us too. We’ve done some of the leg work for you and found five breathtaking barns that host weddings. Each barn has a distinctive past and unique elements, not to mention the stunning woods, meadows, and fields they all call home.

Horizon Barn - Vermont

Best Barn Wedding Venues in New England - Horizon Barn

Photography by Zdravko Stefanović

Nestled in the green mountains of Vermont, the Horizon Barn is surrounded by a truly spectacular landscape complete with rolling hills, a pond, and a waterfall. The barn itself feels integrated into the landscape with large windows and doors to let in all the natural light and the beauty of the scenery. And how many barns have you seen with a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the large cupola?

We love how the farm can play an even more integrated role in a wedding, offering couples the opportunity to customize a menu with organic vegetables, herbs, and meats sourced right from the land itself.

This barn is also perfect for couples who love animals and are seeking the full farm experience. The farmers have sheep, cattle, and even chickens to give your guests a real sense of place and nature.

Greylock Barn - Massachusetts

Best Barn Wedding Venues in New England - Greylock Barn

Photography by Love Bird Studio

Greylock Barn is a 100-year-old hidden gem filled with history. The farmers share their past with couples in a newly-restored dairy barn featuring curved ceilings that soar overhead. The land is also home to an organic cheese making operation that continues the important traditions to this day. And yes, we just like to bring up cheese whenever possible.

The sweeping vista of Mt Greylock set the scene for an outdoor ceremony and the barn itself can host up to 150 guests. For weddings with a larger guest list, the grounds have more than enough room for a fully-outdoor event with up to 250 people.

This venue feels like a truly peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Guests will have the sense of being on a real farm with animals, wide open fields, and winding country paths. We feel more relaxed just thinking about it.

Magnolia Barn - Maine

Best Barn Wedding Venues in New England - Magnolia Barn

Photography by Jamie Mercurio

Officially a National Historic Site, Magnolia Barn is perched on thousands of acres overlooking Wells Bay in Maine. The estate features enormous fields and giant trees that provide a magnificent backdrop for the ceremony and pictures.

The barn has plenty of room to accommodate up to 150 people, let alone the 250 that the outdoor spaces can welcome with open arms. That means you can invite your second cousins after all. (Not that you have to, though. We get it.)

A feel-good bonus: All proceeds from weddings held at Magnolia go to climate research, education, and conservation in Southern Maine. Save the planet and get married? It’s a win-win.

Canopy Barn - Vermont

Best Barn Wedding Venues in New England - Canopy Barn

This stunning open-air barn is totally unique. With multiple levels and wide windows, the structure blends into the natural landscape that surrounds it. The land features ponds, a meadow, and gorgeous trees perfect for a fresh-air ceremony.

The venue is also home to some of the crispest and cleanest water in the country thanks to the Artesian springs on site. Guests can enjoy fresh spring water and learn about the sustainable and regenerative practices that will allow the organic farm to produce this incredible water for generations to come.

As an added bonus, couples who get married here have full use of the guest house for twenty people, giving them the unique opportunity to wake up on the farm and enjoy the stunning landscape with close friends and family.

Cedar East Barn - Massachusetts

Best Barn Wedding Venues in New England - Cedar East Barn

We love this venue’s incredible setting: 40 acres of natural cranberry bogs on Massachusetts’ south shore create an arresting backdrop for a wedding unlike any other. This third-generation farm, complete with 1940s barn, sets the stage for historical charm and authentic rustic elegance.

The venue comes with sixteen 10’ farm tables, indoor sconce lanterns, and bistro lights that suit the surroundings perfectly but allow you to make the space your own with decorations and accents of your choosing.

To further bring the farm to life, your guests can try a real cranberry sorter and check out antique farming equipment. End the evening under the stars with a late-night bonfire.

Actually, can we just live here?

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