Our Story

Your friends and family remember your wedding day forever. At Mayflower Venues, we believe those memories need to tell your story as a couple.

We built Mayflower Venues to allow you to discover rare and gorgeous open space venues that you can customize with all of your favorite vendors to create something that is truly you.

Mayflower venues are meant to enable creativity. Our venues only host a single wedding per weekend so that you have the time and open space to customize them. Our proprietary Mayflower Venues app generates venue specific planning tools to simplify the logistics -- like finding vendors in your area or making sure the tent is setup where you want it. It’s your wedding day, we just want to help put your inner artist in control of it.

Whether or not it is a Mayflower venue, we hope you find a venue where you can create. We want your wedding to leave your guests with the truly unique memory of your story.

Our values

There are two things we believe should be celebrated...

The Authentic You

None of us are the same. We are all equally amazing because of what makes us each different. On your wedding day, a memory your friends and family will keep forever, we believe you should be able to create an experience that tells your story.

Open Spaces

For many of us who love the outdoors, the hidden fields, farms, forests, lakes and other open spaces are where we created the memories that define us. Weekend escapes to a farmhouse. Hiking. Apple picking. Canoe trips. Picnics with friends. These spaces help us tell the stories of who we are. Let’s save them for future generations to create their own.

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